Strategic Segments 

 Business Solutions

We help our clients close the gap to sustainable world-class performance by:
  • Partnering  with them “to solve the right problems”
  • Breaking down organizational barriers that impede results achievement
  • Filling the void for short term competency requirements 
  • Training and employee development
  • Program and project management  
  • Accelerating the development of key executives through a formal coaching approach 

 Acquisitions and Ventures

We assist clients to develop effective business operating systems to include: 
  • Business development, venture analysis, and strategic acquisition
  • Operational processes improvement  
  • Organizational competencies
  • Productivity improvement
  • Product development capabilities  
  • Innovation process and culture assessment
  • Documentation and governance

 Global Connections

We bring clients together that share common profit generating goals based on: 
  • Strategic option development
  • Global market analysis and market entry strategies
  • Business plan development 
  • Business plan marketing
  • Assessing and developing JV partners
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Regional incentives

 Product Development

We provide our clients solution pathways to faster revenue recognition through:
  • Strategic multi-generational product planning
  • Product development process analysis and improvement
  • Business case development and financial modeling
  • Market, product and technology road mapping
  • Ideation workshops
  • Reliability planning
  • Engineering productivity assessment and improvement
  • Program and project management
  • Engineering systems solutions
  • Engineering and technology footprint optimization

Arcadia's Key Product Offerings 

Our approach to delivering superior services to clients follows a common 4-step process: 

  1. Analyze current state using facts, benchmarks, and the experience of our global network of consultants and experts
  2. Identify process, competency, capability and structural gaps that inhibit achievement of business goals and initiatives
  3. Develop practical solutions that solve problems and achieve short-term results
  4. Focus on the business operating system improvement requirements for sustained performance 

1. Arcadia Operations Productivity Management Model 

  • Create an internal definition of lean that focuses on process and people
  • Assess current state of operations efficiency through value stream mapping
  • Deploy proven lean tools and techniques to address productivity gaps
  • Implement a materials productivity pipeline management process
  • Assist clients with addressing strategic change management

2. Arcadia Product Development Model 

  • Assess current state of strategic planning and portfolio management
  • Identify gaps in project productivity and execution
  • Uncover opportunities to improve external innovation management
  • Optimize talent and knowledge management (leveraging skills, effective teams, knowledge sharing)
  • Assist clients with addressing strategic change management

3. Arcadia Global Partner Development Process

  • Develop or revise client business model
  • Lead client development of long range business planning
  • Provide financial scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Make partnership and venture connections
  • Assist in strategic partner assessment and development

 4. Arcadia Technology Management Model

  • Define and quantify strategic opportunities and issues
  • Assess engineering and technology organization structures and implications
  • Instill a culture of collaboration
  • Develop / improve project assessment, selection, and prioritization
  • Implement process to manage technology relationships

 "The Arcadia Group International's highly experienced associates provide world-class business solutions, profit enhancement opportunities, and revenue generating global connections for our clients"

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